Owning your digital presence is owning your brand. This is the only real long-term marketing strategy.
Stop giving away your audience to big platforms.
Facebook going down for hours reveals the dangers of relying on just one platform. Now is the best time to own your own platform.

May 2021

Hello Everyone The Journey for a startup is long and arduous. It requires perseverance to make it through. So we are glad to announce a new Milestone…

April 2021

Hello Everyone Just a quick update to show you the latest update of our demo. We have added a product page and add-to-cart animation. Do check it out…
For only $50, we will give you access to the most important digital marketing real estate.

March 2021

Hello Everyone As we start our journey towards empowering businesses such as yourselves, we want to keep you updated. We have created a simple demo app…
Ecommerce businesses are dependent on the same businesses that they are competing against.
Design is just as much a barrier as Code. Empowerment requires easy access to both.

February 2021

For an ecommerce business in 2021, there are limited options for an ecommerce business. Third-Party Marketplaces This is the prime method of driving…
The future is almost here.

January 2021

Welcome to MakIt’s Newsletter by me, MakIt. A startup to expand possibilities Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue. In the meantime, tell your…